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Watchdog Advisory Cost Reduction Process


We require very little of your time to achieve huge savings!

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How We Do Generate Big Savings?

Every person is different, yet we each share similarities. The same can be said about companies; each business is unique but has similar operational structures. These similarities allow us to create business benchmarks in over sixty different operational areas by industry, geolocation, and size.


We match your data against our industry benchmarks to help identify the expense areas in your business that hold the highest potential to provide cost savings.

Step One


Hello, we take the time to get to know you and your business. Introduce you to our Sales and Subject Matter Experts as we learn what is important to you and acknowledge your unique business challenges.

(This is about building relationships and not about making a sale!)

Step Two


Once we get to know each other and feel more comfortable sharing information, we analyze the last 12 months of your general ledger against six trillion dollars of transactions in our database to develop benchmarks for your business. 

(This analysis is free and requires no obligation form you!)

Step Three


This is where the fun begins. Our SMEs will share their savings targets with you and work with your internal teams to validate our targets and identify your company's true savings opportunities.  

(If you like what you see then we finalize our MSAs.)

Step Four


O.K. now that the fun is over it is time to get to work. We take the time to understand your vendor relationships and work out an implementation strategy with you. This is where our team of experts becomes your team of experts as assistant bookkeepers, enterprise consultants, marketing support or as we handle vendor outreach and negotiation on your behalf.

(This is where your business roadmap becomes reality!)

Step Five


After everything is up and running our team remains vigilant and continues to monitor vendor rates against our benchmarks to ensure your company receives the targeted savings. 

(We also work to automate your AP process & introduce monthly rebates!)

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