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Primary Education / K-12 Budget Evaluation and Expense Reduction Solutions

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The top challenges facing School Districts today.

School safety, disciplinary policies, technology in education, charter schools and voucher programs, common core, standardized testing, the teaching of evolution, teacher salaries, teacher tenure, bullying, poverty, and class size. The lack of funding compounds all these issues. 

Watchdog Advisory's goal is to reduce as much of the school district's operating expenses as possible so those savings can be redirected into areas most important to the district.

School District Revenue & Budget Reporting

We create savings where they matter most!

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We start our process by benchmarking expenses in the following categories.

No upfront cost, No hidden fees, Recovery share model.


Fleet Leasing / Purchases | Vehicle Rental | GPS


Water | Gas | Propane | Electric | Sewer | Heating Oil

Waste & Recycling

Trash | Recycling | Hazardous Waste Medical Waste | Shredding Documents

Human Resources

Payroll Processing | Training | HR Software | Background Checks


Workers Comp | Health | Property Liability | Cyber | Malpractice | Specialty


Property Tax Mitigation | Cost Segregation | R&D Incentives | Hiring Tax Incentives

Telecom / Software

Phones | Wireless Services | Phone System | Internet / Cable | Fire & Security | Printing / Copies | Software Licensing | Hardware Licensing | Hardware Leases | Hardware Purchases | Software Maintenance | Document Storage | Video Conferencing Equipment / Licenses | Website / Email Hosting | Document Imaging


Bank Fees | ERP Software | LOCs Term Loans | CC Processing | CC Programs | Purchasing Cards

Textiles / Supplies

Uniforms | Laundry / Rugs / Matts Cleaning | Promotional Materials | Printing Office Supplies | Corrugated Boxes

Our strategy includes implementing the following solutions at zero cost to the district.

School districts can also earn monthly rebates!

Accounts Payable Automation

Our platform offers a valuable rebate program but also improves workflow efficiency by 2/3rds.

Employee Same-Day-Pay

This platform provides tools to help employees manage their finances and receive immediate access to earned wages at no cost to the School District.

Shipping & Logistics

Using a single platform to rate shop and manage shipments across multiple parcel and LTL carriers.

District office/building-level relationships

Our solutions are not just about saving money, they can also help bridge the gap between the district office and building level leaders.

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Appreciating teachers for all they do.

In most states, teacher pay has steadily eroded over the last several years. Data from the National Education Association (NEA) reveals that across the U.S., average salaries for public elementary and secondary school teachers dropped by close to five percent over the past decade along with school revenues and student expenditures.

We support higher salaries however; we have no control over how much someone can make. We can ensure the benefits packages we help put into place reduce employee out-of-pocket cost. Thus, increasing take home pay while providing increased access to quality care. We also help teachers and support staff get early access to earned wages when they need it most.

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