Today, many business men and women are wearing multiple hats. This makes it virtually impossible to stay on top of all your vendors and suppliers. Our expense reduction specialist are here for you and will help ensure you pay for only what you need.


Copier & Printer Lease Audits

​A staggering 98% of businesses that lease copiers and printers are overpaying on their leases.  We have been successful in saving businesses an average of 57% on their copier leasing and document costs.

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Parcel/Shipping Audits

Most companies are unaware that they are often overcharged for shipping services. Our Parcel Audit Program audits a company’s parcel costs via their primary carriers; usually FedEx and UPS.

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Workers Compensation Premium Recovery

Over 70% of companies are overpaying their workers’ compensation insurance premiums. We go back 5-7 years and look for overpayments. We do not sell P&C, we go in the past and recover overpaid workers comp premiums.

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Wireless Audits

We’ve helped over 95% of our clients reduce their wireless spending, by 25 to 33%, and some clients have achieved over 40% annual savings in less than one hour of their time.

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Credit Card Merchant Account Audits

We analyze the business’ merchant services account, and work with their current credit card processing provider to lower the processing fees.

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Waste Management Audits

Waste disposal is necessary, just about every business in America has a waste bill, and approximately 80% of businesses that pay for waste disposal are paying more than they could or should be.

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