Continuous Account Monitoring

Most businesses have tried switching their credit card processor for lower fees only to find that within six months they’re back paying at the same level they were with the previous carrier. We analyze your merchant services account, and work with your current credit card processing provider to lower the processing fees. To insure the fees do not rise we carefully monitor your account every month for three years and constantly recover any overcharges.


A 360-degree view of your payment processing and merchant service provider fee structure helps us identify immediate savings for your company. 

Program’s Success Rate

This program has nearly a 100% success rate in identifying savings, and on average, businesses save over 15%. Again, if there is no refund or savings, there is no fee.


Our Methodology

Our expert’s exclusive 11 Point Credit Card Processing Audit places your merchant processing fees under a virtual “financial microscope,” bringing transparency to excessive and hidden fees, and eliminating the confusion of pricing and contracts — all to give you a greater understanding of Your merchant service provider’s fee structure, and empowering you to save money.


But that’s just the beginning.

Ongoing savings are also realized as we help you gain an understanding of how the processing of each credit card transaction — and even the type of card used — can affect their processing level qualification and result in costly downgrades. These two factors alone can send their payment processing costs skyrocketing. The ISOs and merchant service providers are not going to tell you this because those downgrades and the associated fees put more money in their pockets.

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