How Do You Find Savings in Parcel and Shipping Cost?

Most companies are unaware that they are often overcharged for shipping services. Companies receive their monthly bill consisting of hundreds of pages of shipping invoices and have difficulty attempting to review for errors. Our Parcel Audit Program audits a company’s parcel costs via their primary carriers; usually FedEx and UPS.


You are only billed based on a percentage of refunds secured, it’s no risk to you.

Information Is Everything!

Objective decisions require objective data, and with our solution, that’s where it all starts. We connect our trusted and proven cloud-based software to your client’s parcel accounts in minutes, importing their electronic invoices from your client’s carrier and extracting critical data to help identify savings opportunities. With this data in hand, you are able to make objective decisions about your parcel shipping costs—and we’re able to request refunds to recoup those costs.


Our Process

The process is quick, simple, and requires no work on your part—and since you are only billed based on a percentage of refunds secured, it’s no risk to you. We’re able to easily and quickly connect our proprietary software, automatically importing invoices and identifying possible refunds based on a multi-point audit including late deliveries, invalid surcharges, incorrect dimensional and weight charges, and more.

Recouping parcel costs isn’t about placing blame—it’s about holding parcel carriers accountable to their promises. And that’s how Data helps you. Our process is so simple that we’ll be auditing your invoices by end of day.


What is The Benefit of a Parcel Shipping Audit?

In addition to the savings generated by the refunds, clients save, on average, 11% of their annual FedEx/UPS spend through our optimization without switching or changing a thing.

We find clients monthly savings, and you get paid monthly for the life of the client. This program is a month-to-month engagement however it is so highly effective that it has over a 90% client retention rate.


Who Qualifies For This Program?

Your company can qualify for this program if you have a combined annual spend of $200k or more between FedEx and UPS.

If this sounds like you, don’t waste any more time and money! Contact us today.