How Do We Find Savings with Workers Compensation Premiums?

Over 70% of companies are overpaying their workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Our review is provided on a contingency fee basis so if we can’t find savings there is no cost to you. We go back 5-7 years and look for over-payments. We do not sell P & C we go in the past and recover overpaid workers comp premiums.

Our review is provided on a contingency fee basis so if we can’t find savings there is no cost to you.

Our Methodology

Workers’ compensation premiums are a significant company expense. In fact workers comp is often the third most expensive line item in a company’s P & L. Our Work Comp Premium Audit program evaluates up to the last seven years of a company’s policies and premium calculations to determine if the correct amount of premiums had been charged.


Our Experts

Our audit team has over fifty years of combined experience in workers’ compensation premium matters. The system that determines these premiums is extremely complicated involving many components and entities including rating bureaus, insurance company underwriters and insurance agents. When it comes to establishing appropriate classifications with hundreds of unique business classifications, there is a significant opportunity for a lower rated classification to be applied as they are constantly changing, open to interpretation and are typically determined by insurance company underwriters and rating bureaus. All aspects of the client’s workers’ comp premiums are reviewed including:

  • classifications
  • experience ratings (ex-mods)
  • payroll audits
  • rates
  • applicable discounts

Many of our recoveries are a result of improperly calculated experience ratings and/or the erroneous application of experience ratings.


Who is Doing Your Payroll Audits?

Most companies do not realize that the workers’ compensation insurance company’s payroll auditor that performs the annual audit is not there to determine if you have been overcharged (that auditor is either an employee or contractor of the insurance company to conduct the audit).

Our professional auditors are familiar with individual states insurance statutes along with rating bureau rules and regulations that affect how workers’ compensation premiums are computed.

Upon completion of our analysis, a written report is provided to the client documenting the overcharges, including supporting documentation needed to recover the overcharges. We will even do the collections as we do all the services.

Our service is based solely on a contingency fee basis and are available to companies nationwide, except for ND, OH, WA & WY.

If your company has a Workers’ Comp Premium of $35,000 or more and are curious about what you may have been overcharged, contact us and we will be happy to take a look for you.