As the business world and economy evolves so does our cost reduction strategies. The cost reduction techniques listed below are a step ahead of other solutions you may see in the industry.


Virtual Payments for Accounts Payable

Our solution automates the delivery of all payments, consolidating and simplifying the payment processes for Accounts Payable organizations while also earning cash rebates.

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HealthCare Savings

The healthcare savings programs address the second largest expense for employers, just after payroll, and according to surveys, controlling employee health benefit cost is the number one issue, or problem employers are facing today.

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class Action web

Antitrust Class Action Claims

More than 80% of the companies eligible to participate in class action settlements are not aware of the claims or just think they are more trouble than they are worth. Our subject matter experts simplify the settlement process for our clients so they can obtain their fair share of anti trust class action recoveries.

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Zero Cost Processing

The Zero-Cost Processing (“ZCP”) service is designed to reduce a business’s cost of credit card acceptance to zero-net-cost by adding a surcharge paid by the consumer.

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Instant Pay

Instant Pay provides real-time earnings technology that gives your hourly employees same-day access to their earned wages, helping to alleviate stress, increase engagement and ultimately decrease employee turnover.

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