What is Employee Instant Pay?

Instant Pay provides real-time earnings technology that gives your hourly employees same-day access to their earned wages, helping to alleviate stress, increase engagement and ultimately decrease employee turnover.


How does instant pay benefit Employees?

Employee Instant Pay is a mobile app that your hourly employees download to their phones and connect to their bank account.

Once everything is connected your hourly employees can receive same day pay on wages earned with no interest fees or hidden cost. This means your hourly employees can receive a direct deposit immediately from their smartphones on shifts already worked. There is a $3.99 convenience fee the employee would need to agree to per transaction. There is zero cost to you, the employer and funding is provided for the pay in advance.

The instant pay application also provides paycheck transparency and budgeting tools to improve your employee’s financial health and wellness.


How does instant pay benefit employers?

To start Employee Instant Pay increases interest for new applicants, decreases absenteeism as well as decreases employee turnover.

Instant pay also provides incentives for employees to take on extra shifts by providing instant access to earnings.

Many of the worlds largest employers are already using employee instant pay. The solution is built for the enterprise: its scalable, compliant and secure.

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