Helping companies with business growth using out of the box solutions and our business experience to reduce expenses and increase revenue! All without touching existing workflows and processes. 


Saving your business time and money is our key to success. 

If you are looking at working capital loans, or considering invoice factoring/financing or looking at merchant cash advances, we have alternative solutions that may be more favorable for your business. 

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Increase Your Working Capital

Working capital is a key indicator of a strong financially sustainable business. The more working capital you have the more options and financial tools you have available to help with future growth. 


At Watchdog Advisory, we look for solutions that do not disrupt your day-to-day workflow and that free up large amounts of cash on hand, improving your company's liquidity. 

Let us help you increase your working capital.

Reduce Labor Costs

Labor cost is often the largest business expense a company has. It is not just the individual salaries, it also includes any employee benefits, necessary liability insurance plus payroll fees and taxes.


We take a deep dive into each area that makes up your overall labor costs and identify ways you can provide the same level of out-put, and take care of your employees while also saving your business money. 

Reducing labor cost does not have to mean layoffs.

Improve Cash Flow

Good cash flow is not just about getting paid and paying your bills on time. At Watchdog Advisory we focus on your cash conversion cycle (CCC) and how we can adjust the metrics to your favor.


Our solutions help you gain greater control over your payment methods, improving your profit margins while also monetizing your accounts payable process.

See how you can improve profits with each cash flow cycle.

Lower Overhead Costs

A business must pay overhead expenses on an ongoing basis, regardless of how much or how little the company sells. 


Our experts have experience working in business expenses and can help reduce your overhead cost without changing vendors, or reducing the services you receive from them. 

Let us take a closer look at your overhead expenses.

Recover Assets and Lost Revenue

Most companies are focused on future sales and do not have the time to verify they weren't taken advantage of due to multiple vendors colluding on price or verify insurance companies paid as they should have been. 


Watchdog Advisory has resources to follow all anti-trust cases find where your business may have been overcharged or not paid what you should have been paid andcan help recover those dollars available to you.

Find out if you have any money waiting for your business.

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