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Business Advisory Services

Are you looking to reduce business expenses, retain and keep employees, increase profit margins, or improve your cross-channel marketing return on investment?
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Everyone knows that increased sales are the path to business growth, but there is a second path to growth and that is through expense reduction.

Improving Profit Margins 

The average net profit margin in the U.S. is approximately 7.5%.  For this business to double its profit it could either, double output, and double the sales, which could also require doubling its workforce, and expanding its facilities.


We help businesses obtain that 7.5% reduction in expenses with less than 10 hours of time invested from their company resources.

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Cost Recovery

In some cases there have been issues vendors conspiring to price fix the cost for their goods and services. We can help you recover these overcharges and monitor expenses moving forward to ensure your business does not overpay for goods or services in the future. 

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Healthcare Savings

Health insurance in the U.S. has continually gotten more expensive year over year. Currently, the average family monthly premium is more than the average mortgage payment. 


We can help reduce your company's employee benefit cost while increasing access to quality care by taking a different approach to working with the networks and implementing effective healthcare cost-containment strategies.

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Marketing Solutions

Our approach helps clients reduce their marketing expenses without sacrificing quality.  We can help by providing scalable solutions for any sized budget that meet your marketing needs.

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