Unique challenges require unique solutions!

School districts already have enough to worry about; providing access to quality educaction, mental health concerns, technology changes, curriculum adaption, standardized testing, student engagement, teacher shortages, the list goes on and on.


The last thing educators need is a distraction dealing with student economic limitations, increasing compensation demands while working with limited resources and other funding concerns.


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What Concerns Does Your School District Have?


Funding Alternative Supply Sources

As wholesale suppliers cancel contracts or change contract terms, schools must scramble to find alternative sources without drastically increasing their costs. We help schools use FREE financial technology solutions to stretch their budgets and ensure they are getting the best price for the services they purchase.

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Address Labor Challenges

Facing School Districts

Every school system is facing labor shortages. We help create solutions that offer bus drivers, cafeteria staff and substitutes immediate access to wages earned, and help build better benefits packages to attract and keep valuable employees while also helping redirect savings toward higher compensation for teachers.

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Our goal is to help reduce the stress school district administrators face, cut operating costs, and help schools and staff get the most out of their payroll and benefits.

Active Class Action Lawsuits Impacting Educators

  • Payment Card Interchange Fees
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Third-Party Payor Prescription Drugs
  • Multiple Food Class Actions
See our full list of class action cases.

We also evaluate and negotiate the following expenses categories.

 Whether you are working with a purchasing co-op or on your own, we customize programs to fit your needs. 



Fleet Leasing / Purchases | Vehicle Rental | GPS



Water | Gas | Propane | Electric | Sewer | Heating Oil

Waste and Recycling

Waste & Recycling

Trash | Recycling | Hazardous Waste Medical Waste | Shredding Documents

Human Resources

Payroll Processing | Training | HR Software | Background Checks



Workers Comp | Health | Property Liability | Cyber | Malpractice | Specialty



Property Tax Mitigation | Cost Segregation | R&D Incentives | Hiring Tax Incentives

Telecom and Software

Telecom / Software

Phones | Wireless Services | Phone System | Internet



Bank Fees | ERP Software | LOCs Term Loans | CC Processing | CC Programs | Purchasing Cards

Textiles and Supplies

Textiles / Supplies

Uniforms | Laundry / Rugs / Matts Cleaning | Promotional Materials