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Using data to streamline costs and increase cashflow!

Discover how a FREE expense analyis can help you? 


Improving workflow and operational efficiencies one step at a time. 

Address The Talent Shortage.

Every business is having some level of difficulty finding skilled labor or talent. We are not a staffing company; we help companies deploy technology or services to take over administrative task, so you need fewer employees to perform low difficulty and highly repetitive tasks. These solutions free up your staff to perform higher revenue related tasks. 


We can guarantee your business will be cash positive when you implement any one of our programs. 

Hiring Employees &  Management Talent

How comfortable do you feel when potential employees ask about what your compensation and benefits packages look like?  

Find out how we can help reduce your healthcare cost and increase your employee take home pay.

Deal With Supply Chain Issues.

Don't let shipping limits set by FedEx, UPS and other parcel shippers and lack of drivers for LTL shipments limit your revenue potential!

Discover how you can better manage your shipping!

We help CFOs and Finance Departments add value to their companies by helping the company grow smarter and faster, improving profitability, and obtain increased leverage from banks.

Implement zero cost solutions to streamline workflows and drive business growth with quantifiable results.

Also, earn monthly rebates on your business expenses!

Reduce time spent on accounts payable and reconciliation with 2/3rds workflow efficiency.

Relieve HR by providing employees tools to manage their finances and receive immediate access to earned wages at no cost to the employer.

Using a single platform to rate shop and manage shipments across multiple parcel and LTL carriers while staying up to date on individual lane rules, regulations and charges.

Build Cash on Hand

Prepare and survive a recession by building or stockpiling cash. We  have solutions to identify and reduce expenses and capture savings necessary for your business to ride out the storm.  

Find out how we can help increase your cash on hand without sacrificing operating budgets.

Gain Better Visibility and Control Over Your Tail Spend.

FREE Analysis, No upfront cost, No hidden fees, Recovery share model.

Human Resources

Payroll Processing | Training | HR Software | Background Checks


Workers Comp | Health | Property Liability | Cyber | Malpractice | Specialty


Print | Digital| Radio | Bilboards | Television


Fleet Leasing / Purchases | Vehicle Rental | GPS


Water | Gas | Propane | Electric | Sewer | Heating Oil

Waste & Recycling

Trash | Recycling | Hazardous Waste Medical Waste | Shredding Documents

Telecom / Software

Phones | Wireless Services | Phone System | Internet / Cable | Fire & Security | Printing / Copies | Software Licensing | Hardware Licensing | Hardware Leases | Hardware Purchases | Software Maintenance | Document Storage | Video Conferencing Equipment / Licenses | Website / Email Hosting | Document Imaging


Bank Fees | ERP Software | LOCs Term Loans | CC Processing | CC Programs | Purchasing Cards

Textiles / Supplies

Uniforms | Laundry / Rugs / Matts Cleaning | Promotional Materials | Printing Office Supplies | Corrugated Boxes

Property Tax Mitigation | Cost Segregation | R&D Incentives | Hiring Tax Incentives

Our experienced team identifies and recovers class action funds that may be owed to our client’s businesses.

This service is designed to reduce a business’s cost of credit card acceptance to zero-net-cost by adding a surcharge paid by the consumer.

Help Your Favorite Charity While Reducing your Expenses!

We Love Helping Businesses, We Love Helping Our Communities Even More! 

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