Asset recovery is a significant yet often overlooked aspect of operational efficiency, particularly for businesses dealing with decommissioned hardware, obsolete equipment, or problematic investments. It involves sophisticated strategies and processes to regain the highest possible return from distressed or underutilized assets.


Whether you are a CFO managing substantial investments or an IT manager handling old equipment, understanding and implementing best practices in asset recovery can greatly impact your bottom line. Review our asset recovery services below to get a better idea of what Watchdog Advisory can do for your company. 

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Class Action Claims

In the complex world of legal disputes, one mechanism stands out for its ability to empower organizations collectively against corporations or business entities who have colluded together to fix prices or take advantage of business customers. 


All settlements are handled directly with the courts with a fine already determined before you file, so the defendants do not know who filed to receive awarded funds. . 

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Unclaimed Property

It may be considered growing pains if your company needs our unclaimed property services. When your business acquires another company our experts step in and perform a detailed analysis of all acquired assets, including those that may not be documented, written off or lost. 


This unique skill set has recovered millions for clients, and we are confident it can help your business as well

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Medical Underpayments 

As you can probably tell, this niche service helps healthcare providers get the most from the insurance companies. 


Insurance companies have become masters at not paying the full amount they contractually agreed to pay the healthcare providers. This is where our experts step in and help recover funds owed to healthcare providers. 

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