The industry is evolving at a rapid pace, when was the last time you reviewed your technology?

Companies who are currently shipping with a single carrier are missing out on substantial savings – potentially tens of thousands per month. 


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The Best USPS Shipping Rates 


Our team can perform a free shipping analysis to create a strategy to implement the best shipping company solutions that both save money and decrease time in transit. Companies may also qualify to subsidize this industry-leading software!


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Smarter Shipping Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes!

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"As a fulfillment company doing business in Houston for 36 years, we have licensed most of the shipping software systems. We cam accross this software aafter an extensive reveiw of automated shipping systems and it blew us away with their approach to become our partner & not just another vendor/customer relationship"


Andrew Constantinou

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Software Features / Benefits

  • LTL/Small Parcel Comparison

    - Automatically builds loads and compares cost vs parcel cost for similar SLA

  • Real Rate Shopping - Automatically determine the lowest cost carrier with your negotiated rates.

  • Accurate Checkout Pricing - determine the number of shipments, origin warehouse, and real cost (or marked-up) at checkout.

  •  API Only Integration - Access all features and automation through the API, keeping existing systems in place.

  • Advanced Profile Logic - Mark ups, user-limited permissions, centralized reporting for company-wide shipping. Different interfaces for warehouse vs office or interoffice shipping.

  • Order Track - Consolidated view of all active shipments or filter to only the shipments you want to see.  Also has a profile option.

  • Reporting – The ability to export any available data, or view advanced reports in several formats, by profile, role, or department.

General Rate Increases

There is often a discrepancy between the announced general rate increase and the effect that the increase has on individual shippers. If you’re a shipper that routinely ships large packages, long-zone express, three-day express, or ships to remote areas, it is likely that you will be subject to an increase much larger than the stated increases.

All carriers continue to focus on penalizing large packages. Through UPS and FedEx, this is largely handled by an increase in additional handling fees, with dimension, weight, and oversize shipments all seeing large increases.

Modules That Work For You

Modules expand shipping capabilities and services as your business evolves. Choose from a list of proprietary modules or contact an application engineer to develop your own module tailored to your needs.

  • Dashboard

  • Ordertrack

  • Profile Business Logic Layer

  • Custom Email Notification

  • Order Entry

  • Batch Processing

  • Box Type

  • Item Book

  • Address Book

  • Shipment Consolidation

  • Rebagging

  • Packit

  • LTL Rate Management

  • LTL/Small Parcel Comparison

  • Advanced Shipment Notification

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