While market indicators slowly align with analysts’ predictions, retailers need to address inflation and prepare for a reduction in consumer buying power. 


We help address supply chain, digital and omnichannel challenges.

Use proven solutions to address supply chain volatility, and employee retention. 


Deliver Multichannel Commerce.

Deliver a personalized experience consumers are looking for while driving customer interaction with digital marketing. We can help set up your in-house resources or manage your online presence and build consumer loyalty with out-of-the-box solutions.  

Start Social Selling Today!

Leverage Solutions That Enhance Your Direct-To-Consumer Shipping Strategy. 

Software that helps you lower cost while avoiding shipping limits set by FedEx, UPS, and other parcel shippers! As well as supports less than truck load shipments for those larger items. 

Discover how you can better manage your shipping!

Show Employees You Are in Their Corner by Providing the Flexibility They Need. 

Leverage the leading Digital Account and Earned Wage Access Solution free. Help your employees gain instant access to earned wages and manage funds when they need them the most without costing your business anything.

See how same day pay helps your business.

Increase Profits on Every Sale Without Raising Prices!

We help you transition to a discount merchant account that reduces your transaction fees or one that allows you to eleminate credit card transation fees all together. What would that do to your profit margin?

Improve profits one transaction at a time.

Nearly all organizations have already turned to experts to manage payroll, we estimate in the next 2-4 years a large number of companies will be turning to experts to manage and monetize vendor and supplier payments.

Earn Money While Saving Time!

Accounts payable automation not only reduces the amount of time tied up with vendor payments and invoice reconciliation, but it can also earn your business rebates. 


Over time we can also help you leverage AP automation to negotiate payment terms with your vendors, giving you greater control over your cash flow. 

Learn how AP automation can help you.

Build Your Working Capital and Cash-on-Hand.

This proprietary system provides access to all major tax categories - almost 100 tax incentives and tax credits will become your secret weapon to business sustainability.


Take advantage of the same tax strategies mega corporations do every year. 

Get immediate access to funds.

Use These Zero Cost Solutions to Address Top Concerns

Improve cashflow, pay employees every day and gain control over shipping cost/timeframes at no cost to your business.

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

Our platform offers a valuable rebate program but also improves workflow efficiency by 2/3rds.

Employee Same-day-pay

Employee Same-Day-Pay

This platform provides tools to help employees manage their finances and receive immediate access to earned wages at no cost to the business.

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping & Logistics

Using a single platform to rate shop and manage shipments across multiple parcel and LTL carriers.

Get Money Back on Areas You Overpaid Due to Antitrust Violations.

  • Payment Card Interchange Fees
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Square Seller
See our full list of class action cases.

Don't overpay for your overhead costs?

Just because they are necessary business expenses, it doesn't mean you are not overpaying for your utilities, mobile and other expenses.

Request our risk free overhead expenses analysis.