Using technology to mitigate risk, gain access to valuable data and build a direct brand to consumer connections while also addressing employee retention. 


Solutions that lower cost and improve profits.

The new age of manufacturing requires having the right partners!


Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Use real-time granular visibility into your supply chain so you can see problems before they occur and can adjust or rectify the issue. 

Find out how to stretch your budget dollars!

Address the Manufacturing Skilled Labor Gap

Address the main issues why 80% of employees leave their jobs; more money and better benefits!

Find what solutions will work for your company!

Update Your Marketing & Sales Strategy

The shift in buying habits drives the need for stronger brand awareness. We help evaluate and transition your brand to perform well in the direct-to-consumer ecosystem.

Find out what your brand visibility looks like.

Take Advantage of Active Class Action Lawsuits Paying Manufacturers

  • Payment Card Interchange Fees
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Caustic Soda
  • Cast Iron Pipe Direct
  • Capacitors Direct
  • Computer Components
See our full list of class action cases.

Don't overpay for your overhead costs?

Just because they are necessary business expenses, it doesn't mean you are not overpaying for your utilities, mobile and other expenses.

Request our risk free overhead expenses analysis.

Data & Process Monetization

There is not a silver bullet to improve revenue, instead there is a series of programs and tactics that can move dollars from one side of the spreadsheet to the other. 

Find out how we can help increase your revenue on your day-to-day workflow.

Use Our Team to Get More From Your Tail Spend

No upfront cost, No hidden fees, Recovery share model.

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Human Resources

Payroll Processing | Training | HR Software | Background Checks

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Workers Comp | Health | Property Liability | Cyber | Malpractice | Specialty

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Print | Digital| Radio | Bilboards | Television

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Fleet Leasing / Purchases | Vehicle Rental | GPS

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Water | Gas | Propane | Electric | Sewer | Heating Oil

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Waste & Recycling

Trash | Recycling | Hazardous Waste Medical Waste | Shredding Documents

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Telecom / Software

Phones | Wireless Services | Phone System | Internet

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Bank Fees | ERP Software | LOCs Term Loans | CC Processing | CC Programs | Purchasing Cards

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Textiles / Supplies

Uniforms | Laundry / Rugs / Matts Cleaning | Promotional Materials | Printing Office Supplies | Corrugated Boxes