Labor costs are often a company’s single biggest expense. If you don't address reducing labor costs correctly it can be disastrous, resulting in a drop in employee satisfaction leading to poor employee retention and a drop in productivity. 


We can help your company take advantage of opportunities to reduce labor costs and keep your staff happy and productive. 

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Let us show you how to use the Work Opportunity Tax Credit to offset your recruiting, hiring, and training costs. 


Due to COVID and recent record levels of unemployment, more job candidates qualify for hiring incentives than ever before.

Find out if hiring tax incentives will work for you.


We help you implement a payroll solution that is FREE for the employer and allows employees to get daily access to their earned wages. 

Giving employees the flexibility to access their pay daily can remove employee stress. Stress that you may not be aware of. 


When employees are less stressed, they are happy and proven better performers. Also, happy employees don't leave their jobs. 

See how our payroll solution can improve employee retention.

Workers Comp

For some companies workers comp premiums are mandatory, but most workers comp insurance policies are full of errors. 


Our experts find errors 70% of the time and can look back five to seven years resulting in refunds of 5 - 200%.


The money you save on workers comp premiums can be directed to help cover other labor cost categories. 

If your Workers Comp is over $50k per year then you need this.

Employee Benefits

In a tight labor market, your employee benefits package may help you or hurt you. Our team of experts will help find the best benefits plans for less money. 


As we stated before, happy employees don't leave their job. 


Let us help you find a benefits solution that works within your budget, provides quality care and shows your employees that you appreciate them.

Learn how getting employee benefits for less helps everyone.

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