Did Your Business Purchase Advertising Through Facebook?

Purchase Dates: On or after August 15, 2014

Eligible Class Members

Eligible Class Members are all persons and entities in the United States who or which, from August 15, 2014 to the present, paid for the placement of at least one advertisement on Facebook, Inc.’s (“Facebook”) platforms (including Facebook and Instagram platforms), which was purchased through Facebook’s Ad Manager or Power Editor.

Excluded from the class are advertisements purchased pursuant to agreements other than Facebook’s Terms of Service or Statement of Rights and Responsibilities; advertisements purchased using only non-lookalike Custom Audiences as the targeting criteria; advertisements purchased using Reach and Frequency buying; advertisements purchased with the objectives of canvas app engagement, canvas app installs, offer claims, event responses, page likes, or external; and advertisements for which Facebook provided a Potential Reach lower than 1000.

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The Defendants include:

1) Facebook / Instagram

Case History

Commencing in 2018, class action lawsuits were filed alleging Facebook misrepresented certain advertising statistics which induced advertisers to pay more for Facebook advertising than they otherwise would have been willing to pay, and which provided Facebook with an unfair competitive advantage over other online advertising platforms. It is impossible to predict the outcome, but money may become available to eligible class members if a settlement is reached with
Facebook in the future. FRS will update this Summary as the case progresses and new information becomes available.

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