Top Business Consulting Firms Say Business Sucess Is Not About How Much Money You Make, It Is About How Much Money You Keep!

Whether you are looking for cost containment strategies, opportunities to streamline workflows, improve profit margins, or improve your marketing dollars ROI, our top consulting firm can help. 


We Are a Top Consulting Firm that focuses on Business Cost Reduction 

Watchdog Advisory is a top business consulting firm that provides the best business cost management solutions at no or low cost to our clients. We provide ways to reduce expenses and operating costs using proven methods while also incorporating emerging technologies. Our cost reduction solutions do not require organizational change but do improve organizational effectiveness. We provide cost savings for small, medium, and large companies.


Let's face it; most businesses have to have the cost vs. talent discussion eventually. Would you prefer to pay employees to focus on strategic business activities that drive customer growth or have them spend time negotiating with vendors and researching cost reduction ideas? We are compensated through the savings we provide, and if we don't offer any savings, then there is no fee. Where else would you find the opportunity to add staff and skillsets without adding to your payroll? Oh, and don't forget the additional funds you will have as a result of our services.

Our Process

Every person is different, yet we each share similarities. The same can be said about companies; each business is unique but has similar operational structures. These similarities allow us to create business benchmarks in twenty different operational areas by industry, geolocation, and size.


We match your data against our industry benchmarks to help identify the areas of your business that hold the highest potential to provide cost savings. Once we know where to start, we gather additional details to confirm your business's specific savings opportunities and share the results with you. It is then up to you to decide if we implement our programs and services.

There is no risk to you or your business. All of our analyses are at no cost to you, so really, there is no excuse not to have us look and see what savings opportunities we can find.

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Our Services

We are not like other consulting firms; we only focus on solutions we know can be applied to all businesses. It is our job to make sure our solutions meet your needs if they don't,  we won't waste your time recommending them. With that said, we feel each company will find value in our services.


Companies should consider our cost-containment approach as part of the strategic plan to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic. Unlike  CARE Act stimulus funding  these  programs are not loans and do not require future payments.

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Business Expense Reduction 

Business profit margins varies from one business to the next, and by industry, for instance Walmart’s typical net profit margin is just around 3% and Apple’s net profit margin around 24%, but the average net profit margin in the U.S. is approximately 7.5%.


Let's say, a typical business with 50 employees has a net profit of approximately $525,000 ($7m x 7.5%).  For this business to double its profit it could either double the sales of its products or services, which could also require doubling its workforce, and expanding its facilities, or it could simply reduce its expenses by 7.5%.


We help businesses obtain that 7.5% reduction in expenses by using the programs below.

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Cost Recovery

Our business cost recovery services can help you recover overcharges from vendors and suppliers. Between 70-80% of all businesses are overpaying for the services they are receiving. In addition companies are unaware of the incentives or funds available to them. 


Our team will help you find these incentives and negotiate better rates for your company. We work with your existing subject matter experts and are compensated only when we find savings, so we are incentivized to find ways to help you continuously save money. 


Below are a few areas you may be overlooking with your existing cost reduction strategy. 

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Healthcare Savings and Cost-Containment

Health insurance in the U.S. has continually gotten more expensive year over year. Currently, the average family monthly premium is more than than the average mortgage payment. 


No one can deny that the recent pandemic has dramatically impacted the healthcare industry. Many experts believe healthcare costs will rise by 15% over the next year. Families also have to make adjustments, possibly due to employment status or other hardships. It is critical now more than ever to provide your employees with an affordable healthcare benefit plan that offers reduced premiums with increased access to quality care. 


We can help reduce your company's employee benefit cost while increasing access to quality care by taking a different approach to working with the networks and implementing the following strategies.

  • Direct Hospital Agreements
  • Rx Watchdog
  • Healthcare Advocacy
  • Concierge Medicine / Direct Primary Care
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Marketing Solutions

Usually, when companies look at reducing spending, they cut the marketing budget.  For many companies, this means running existing campaigns a little longer without refreshing the creative or messaging. 


Our team will help your company understand the value of the strategy, creative, production and implementation phases based on your current marketing strategy and recommend ways to stretch their marketing dollar according to that strategy. We can also outline how each marketing channel contributes to your overall goal.


Our approach helps clients reduce their marketing expenses without sacrificing quality.  We can help with all your marketing needs including:

  • Fully Managed Services
  • DIY Tools
  • Advertising
  • Content and Experience
  • Business Listings
  • Reputation Management
  • SEO
  • Social Marketing
  • Websites and Landing Pages
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