Employee Retention Tax Credits are a form of government relief provided to businesses during a natural disaster like the pandemic. These credits can be offered at the national level or distributed down to the zip code level. In many cases a business is eligible for both levels of relief.


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Maximizing Your Savings with ERC (Employee Retention Tax Credits).

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is an important tax credit for businesses to consider as they manage the impact of a natural disaster or major economic setbacks


It is important to know what funds are available for the addresses you have staff working out of. A business can go back two years in addition to the current year when applying for this credit.


This is a great tool to help infuse cash into your business, once the credits are awarded, they do not expire.

With the self-serve software, we offer a truly zero-risk opportunity to obtain refunds and reduce taxes going forward.  Our software reviews ERC availability along with property taxes, R&D and WOTC incentives. 

Who Qualifies for ERC?

To qualify for the ERC Tax Credit, employers must meet certain criteria. Firstly, employers must have had a full or partial suspension of their operations during any quarter due to orders from a governmental authority like those during the COVID-19 health crisis, tornados, floods, hurricanes, or other natural disaster where the government declared a disaster in the area.


You can use the self-serve software to determine if you qualify or work with one of our tax credit experts. 

Our Methodology

You can meet with one of our team members to go over all your business details, at the end of the discussion they will be able to tell you if you qualify and if so, how much you can expect to recover. 


If you prefer to take a more DIY approach, we do have the self-serve calculator where you personally enter all your business details and the calculator will provide you with the amount you can expect to receive. It will also provide you with recommended next steps.

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