Addressing the top challenges facing small business today!

Congratulations, your businesses survived the turbulent past few years. It is time to look for ways to finance your business's growth or you may be more interested in finding ways to reduce overall operating cost. Money matters! We can help.


Before you get a loan, we encourage you to collaborate with our team to run a no obligation, risk-free, cost-free business expense analysis. Our analysis will highlight where and what savings potential you have. Take this information and go after the savings yourself or you can have our experts do the work for you. 

Learn to improve your profit margins, increase cash flow, improve employee retention & increase marketing ROI.


Improve Financial Management and cash-on-hand.

Our solutions help you take advantage of all the tax incentives available to your businesses and help you keep cash-on-hand vs. going to the IRS. The more cash-on-hand/working capital your business has increases its long-term stability and financial leverage.

Learn how to Increase your working capital.

Improving Employee Satisfaction, Communication and Compensation.

Research shows the most effective employees are ones that are happy, have low levels of personal and professional stress and are properly trained and feel they are fairly compensated. Our multi-facited solutions help lower labor cost, increase communication and incentivise employees while giving them more flexibility and better benefits.

We can help your employees and business!

Increase Revenue One Transaction at a Time

Credit card processing fees will typically cost a business 1.5% to 3.5% of each transaction's total. Would you like to move those percentages to the revenue column vs. the expense column?

See how we eliminate merchant fees.

Find Free Money

Our team of experts have your back, looking out for you and keeping track of anti-trust class action settlements that your company may benefit from. See the brief list below.

  • Payment Card Interchange Fees
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Caustic Soda Direct Purchaser
  • Domestic Airlines
  • Third-Party Payor Prescription Drugs
  • Square Seller
See our full list of class action cases.

Lessen the impact of inflation on your business and employees!

Reduce Credit Card Processing

We can help you navigate the complex payment processing rates, securing the lowest possible payment processing rates with your current payment processor. 

Lower Wireless Fees

By managing all aspects of your wireless program, we get you a better deal without having to switch providers, and we monitor your program to ensure you receive the highest savings.

Reduce Workers

Comp Premium

Workers' compensation insurance is a major business expense. It is also incredibly complex. What is not known is that overpaying is common. Over payments can be recovered, we go back seven years to recover the greats possible refund.

Improve Employee Development

We help employers use tax incentives & credits to invest in their employees, showing they are a valued part of the business reducing employee turnover.

Gain Advantage over the Competition with Better Shipping & Logistics Management

Shipping can be a double-edged sword; your business can't survive without it. If shipping is not managed correctly, it can be an obstacle to your success. We help businesses streamline their shipping while also reducing costs. You can pass the savings to your consumers, making you more competitively priced. 

Discover how you can become more competitive.

New Approach to Employee Health Benefits Provide Big Savings

Employee health benefits rank as the second largest expense for the average employer. The rising cost of employee health benefits is a big issue business are facing today. We focus on controlling four primary cost drivers which make up 90% of the cost of a health plan. 

Reduce employee health benefits by 12 to 25%.

Don't overpay for your overhead costs?

Just because they are necessary business expenses, it doesn’t mean you are not overpaying for your utilities, mobile and other expenses.

Learn more about overhead expenses analysis.